Quick Facts About Drill Bits

Standard Point

This drill bit point is considered a general purpose geometry. It is used for drilling soft or mild materials such as cold rolled steel, aluminium and wood. Typically, the standard drill bit is made of High-Speed Steel (HSS). These drill bits are sometimes Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated. They are easily sharpened with your Drill Doctor.


Masonry Point

Masonry drill bits are easily sharpened with your Drill Doctor. It sharpens the bit with a radial (curved) grind. The masonry drill bit you sharpen with your Drill Doctor will drill well.


Split Point

This drill point has an additional set of cutting lips along the tip or chisel edge of the drill. It can be High-Speed Steel, Cobalt or Carbide. Split point drill bits can be sharpened many times your Drill Doctor. However, they work best when the split-point is present.

Drill Bit Anatomy